The transport to Rheinfelden will be organised weekly at the same days, if there is no holiday or other circumstances.

This is the normal timetable:

  • Orders, which we get untill Tuesday evening, will be delivered in the same week
  • On Wednesday we will organise the customs clearance and the pickup by DHL
  • On Thursday morning we will drive to Rheinfelden Germany and pass the customs
  • On Thursday afternoon the parcels will be picked up by DHL in Rheinfelden and distributed to the customer

Customers in the South of Germany will get their parcel on Friday of the same week. Customers in the North or East of Germany will get it on Monday of the following week.

Customers in other European Countries, will get their parcels between Monday and Wednesday of the following week.

Any changement in the timetable will be published in the blog of Textile Crafts.