How it works

Once a week, employees of Zürcher Stalder AG in Switzerland drive to Rheinfelden DE with orders from customers in the EU and clear all the parcels through customs. In Rheinfelden DE, the parcels are collected by DHL and delivered to the customer.
For the end customers, this means that they receive the deliveries “duty paid and taxed”. For the end customer, the customs formalities are omitted. He receives an invoice from Textile Crafts UG.

EU customers outside Germany with a VAT ID number can indicate this when ordering and receive the delivery according to the guidelines for intra-community deliveries without VAT.
The schedule is fixed on a weekly basis. There may be exceptions in the case of public holidays or other unforeseen circumstances.

• Until Wednesday evening, Zürcher Stalder AG collects the orders of customers from the EU
• On Thursday, Zürcher Stalder AG organises customs clearance and collection by DHL.
• On Friday morning Zürcher Stalder AG drives to Rheinfelden.
• On Friday afternoon, the parcels are collected by DHL in Rheinfelden.

On Monday of the following week, the parcels will already be delivered in the southern part of Germany. The north and east of Germany will be served on Tuesday of the following week.
In the other EU countries, the parcels will be delivered between Tuesday and Thursday of the following week.


Shipping costs charged by Textile Crafts
(Prices plus VAT, valid from March 2023).
Within Germany:
0 – 1 kg Euro 4.90
1 – 5 kg Euro 6.50
5 – 10 kg Euro 8.50
10 – 20 kg Euro 14.50
Bulky goods surcharge for items longer than 120 cm: Euro 21.-
(Weaving reeds are usually approx. 4 – 5 cm longer than the weaving width).

Other countries of the European Union:
0 – 5 kg Euro 13.50
5 – 10 kg Euro 19.00
10 – 20 kg Euro 27.00